Feeling comfortable in a wheelchair is essential. Even more so if the wheelchair user is a professional athlete. Thirty-five sportsmen and women presented themselves with Tarta® products at the Paralympics in Rio 2016.

Table Tennis

It is essential for our players to be able to count on a flexible backrest that allows freedom in torsion of the torso. In fact, the Tarta® Original backrests, which can be adjusted and modulated vertebrae by vertebrae, make it possible to improve the athlete’s technical movements, strengthening them and making them more precise“. These are the words of Alessandro Arcigli – Paralympic Technical Director of the Italian Tennis Volleyball Federation – and we could not have been more precise.


Another eye-catcher in the Paralympic world is
Emysthe favourite solution for the Italian archery team. Thanks to its greater rigidity, this structure allows you to shoot while maintaining perfect balance and, consequently, always the perfect position. And it was precisely for sport that Emys won the prestigious
“Compasso d’Oro International Edition”, an international design award, which is held every two years. The theme of the 2017 edition was “Sport – performance and innovation: research, innovation, technology and social responsibility in products and services for sport”, for which Tarta® Emys turned out to be an “intelligent turtle” to help those with motor difficulties to play sports. A solution that increases physical performance, adds comfort and has the merit of putting the ergonomic solution of the seat and the correct support of the back of people with motor difficulties at the centre of the project.  It improves freedom of movement and breathability, while at the same time providing a high-level aesthetic solution.

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Whether you are a professional or an amateur athlete it doesn’t matter. Tarta® backs are here to enhance your performance.