Tarta Kid is a brand new concept of what a ergonomic backrest for children should be. Tarta Kid serves children from a few month olds to 3-4 years old, designed to offer different solutions of usage and respecting the ergonomic needs of children during their growth and physical development.
We crafted Tarta Kid to be innovative, and to offer simple and intuitive solutions, to turn this idea into a product that adequately responds to the postural needs of your child, and at the same time facilitate his care by therapists and parents.
As always in Tarta, we paid extra attention to design. For children more than even, it is crucial that the visual impact is pleasant: it shall transfer a feeling of comfort that hugs and protects the child, supporting him in keeping the correct posture.
It is a versatile product that can be used in various environments. It is structured to be put in the stroller, as well as in the table chair, on the ground and on other surfaces, like couches and sofas, using the compatible U-pillow that comes with the backrest. It can be used when playing as well as when studying or eating.
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Tarta Kid: a better way to do things.