Paolo Badano had the initial intuition that would soon change the lives of thousands of people, becoming a beacon of light with the realization of a dream, that up to until then, seemed impossible to all of those affected by disability. The Genny 2.0 chair is balanced on two wheels and moves by shifting the centre of mass in a simple and comfortable way. But this is not the revolution! Genny 2.0 is in fact a product that has its own irresistible appeal: just by looking at it, it inspires speed, independence, performance and freedom. Paolo is always looking for improvement to his project, and once he met Tarta® - the understanding was instant. Both strive for the same objective: to go beyond the barriers and uncover innovative solutions, able to improve everyday lives. Working in synergy towards improvement, and the creation of a product that reflects enhanced comfort, aesthetics and versatility.
These are the types of partners we love to work with. They bring energy that enriches the spirit.
But not only this - behind so much creativity lies careful planning, coordination and attention to all of aspects of a successful business.
If you share these values, do not hesitate to contact us; it would be a fruitful opportunity for discussion.

Together with Genny
Tarta® bends the rules.