Each seat in which we spend many hours of each day is the ideal placement for a Tarta® backrest, providing an ergonomic rest for the back and consequentially, also a correct posture. It is often the case that we find unsuitable seats where, by the end of the day, and over time, we begin to feel their negative effects.
Tarta®, together with a collection of designers, has developed a seat that expresses the best in support, coupled with essential and modern form. The effect is surprising: seats with strong personality, characterized by sober elegance. Every detail is the outcome of thorough attention to quality in order to guarantee a product that is able to give satisfaction over time.
The line, still in constant evolution, includes seats suitable for executive and operative workstations, and models for waiting or meeting rooms. The models are easy to match to classic, modern and non-conventional environments.

the Personal Computer
The personal seat