Kid Pro

Kid Pro is an innovative ergonomic seat for children aged 3 to 8; it's responds to all the child's postural needs, guaranteeing unparalleled use on the market.
Like all Tarta® products, Kid Pro is a product designed to be innovative, functional and beautiful.
INNOVATIVE: the studied interfaces make our postural system applicable to countless movement aids, including prams, pushchairs and high-low bases. In doing so, Kid Pro invents the concept of "one for all." A system of posture, endless bases.
FUNCTIONAL: all the adjustments you can make on Kid Pro, and its accessories, are designed to be as simple and quick as possible and thus improve the management of the product by technicians and family members.
BEAUTIFUL: the design has been taken care of in every particular detail. Soft lines, two-color microfibre fabric in a neutral color, stitching with an attractive design are the details that make Kid Pro a unique seat.

Kid Pro. Pro in every way.