How it works

One of the primary characteristics of Tarta® to note is the advanced level of adaptability and personalization options. It is possible to apply slats of different shapes and measurements to your desired number of vertebrae. On each vertebra, it is also possible to choose different kinds of padding. Construct your own Tarta® according to your own individual needs! All Tarta® materials are studied with the objective of achieving the best possible performance. The harmonic steel used within the vertebrae is able to “memorize” the original position when subjected to distortion, giving Tarta® flexibility and resistance.
The upper section is more flexible and easily adapts to the movement of the body, always maintaining posture control. The lower vertebrae, when locked, offers effective support to the lower back. The padding is fixed to the structure with Velcro, making it easy to interchange. The fiber material that the chairs are lined with are also highly breathable for total comfort.

Tarta® has infinite
applications thanks
to its design and
technical materials.
Now you have the freedom
to choose the best.