The concept at the heart of Tarta® is its ability to adapt to the body of each individual. But the formula of this backrest goes beyond – it is in our spirit! – Tarta® can, and wishes to adapt to diverse identities. It has been developed to become a true communication tool, to channel the essence of each individual and each business. Thanks to its different components, it offers many elements in which it is possible to intervene, choosing materials and fabrics, with levels of personalization able to suit every need.
Our 3D LAB focuses on project development and prototypes in very short time, which is why we are always looking for new partners and innovative solutions for our backrests.
Tarta® goes beyond the barriers of convention, you can do likewise. Please contact us for any information.

One patented system, endless applications.
If you love our product and have a better idea, let's find a solution together