Mission e Vision

Without any doubt, our greatest success is the expression of our customers when they try our postural backrests for the first time. We don’t want to change the world but to improve lives. We want to break down the barriers between the able-bodied world and the disabled world. That is our mission. That is what we are doing and that is what we will continue to do.

Our history

When there’s a will, there’s a way. We’ve always been convinced of that.

Willpower allows you to get anywhere, to achieve any goal. It makes you free.

It is thanks to irrepressible willpower that we have created Tarta®, the postural backrest unique in the world, which flexes and twists to accommodate all movements. We designed it inspired by nature. Because nature always does what it wants and gives life to constantly evolving structures, capable of adapting to changes in time and space. We have created it ever-changing and mouldable like sand which, caressed by the wind, forms sinuous dunes. Strong and resistant like the shell of a turtle, a sinuous and agile creature, despite its structure.

We have designed the Tarta® postural backrest with the user in mind. So this means, sitting in the wheelchair, with maximum freedom and total comfort, you can do whatever you want. Because will power sets you free. And freedom is a right.

At the TartaLab, in the province of Udine, prototypes are studied, tested and forged, and are made entirely in Italy with the aid of a 3D printer. This is a fundamental technology for a company that is a breeding ground for ideas. Thanks to 3D printing, we can actually test prototypes before they are industrialised, thus eliminating any defects.


Tarta® Original was officially launched: the world’s first flexible postural backrest, which immediately won the Well-Tech Award.


We were awarded the Red Dot Design Award.


2 awards in one year: the Open Design Italia and the EU Design Italia.


After a lot of work and a lot of passion, our Tarta® Emys hit the market.


This was a really important year for us. We received the Oscar of the sector: the Compasso d’Oro International Edition awarded for the Emys model, a perfect mix of technological innovation and design. But we also had the honour of launching two models on the market dedicated to children that combine high technical performance with a particular sensitivity to aesthetic impact: Tarta® Kid and Tarta® Kid Pro.

The Tarta® patent

All our models use the patented Tarta® technology, characterised by three main elements: the “vertebrae”, the harmonic steel springs and the slats.

The core of the system is the central column made up of “vertebrae” connected by spring bands. The modularity of the vertebrae and the specific characteristics of spring steel allow the column to flex and twist when stressed and to return to its starting position once the stress is over.

This type of steel ensures maximum elasticity and lightness and also guarantees strength and durability. In addition, the column can be blocked either completely along its entire extension or only in certain parts, thus alternating zones of support and flexible zones.