Benefits of Tarta®

FLEXIBILITY = Freedom of movement

Flexibility is the feature that makes Tarta design products unique, guaranteeing correct posture while allowing the user to move around and have an active, unrestricted life.

Just as our spine is flexible and elastic to allow us to bend forward and backwards, sideways and in torsion, so too Tarta Design’s backrests support and sustain these movements and help you return to the correct position once you have made a movement. You no longer have to choose between posture and movement.

The possibility of movement allows the user to carry out movements and exercises that keep the muscles of the torso active and exercise their strength and elasticity, promoting control and stimulating balance.

CORRECT POSTURE = Taylor-made comfort

Good posture is essential to ensure an individual’s well-being and prevent problems arising from an incorrect posture. Good posture allows you to spend many active hours without incurring muscle tension that causes pain, stiffness and fatigue.

Tarta Design’s postural systems are available in different configurations: they can be more or less high, containing and of different widths. The containment can be changed in size, height and depth. Tilt, backrest height and flexibility are easily modified.

All these adjustments can be made in a few moments by the technician who, in consultation with the therapist, can find the desired configuration.

MICROCLIMATE = well-being

People with mobility problems find themselves spending a lot of time sitting, in different daily situations and over different seasons, with little mobility and often in varying health conditions. In order to be able to live these different situations to the fullest, it is necessary to have a comfortable seat that suits one’s needs and provides safety, combining comfort and an excellent microclimate.

Tarta has focused its attention on the structure, shape and materials of its products in order to achieve a unique result of comfort and freshness. Controlling the microclimate is also crucial in reducing the risk of pressure ulcers.

The Quick Reference Guide for Pressure Ulcer Prevention and Treatment developed by NPUAP, EPUAP and PPPIA identifies a negative microclimate as an important risk factor for pressure ulcers and recommends its control as a preventative therapy.

DESIGN & AUTONOMY = psychological benefits

The comfort, stability and practicality of Tarta products facilitate the autonomy of the user, who can live his or her life dynamically, to the maximum of his or her abilities. This autonomy together with the attractive design of the products promotes the user’s self-esteem, who can enjoy products that make beauty and design their strong point.

Since each person is unique and must have the opportunity to express their personality, Tarta offers the possibility of customising the backrests so as to make the backrest a unique piece, as unique as the user. The backrests can be customised with any graphic, with no limits to the imagination, and the printing quality is excellent and long-lasting. There is no limit to beauty. #chooseyourstyle